35 Minute Fitness Classes

35-Minute Boot Camps in Hoboken is the perfect workout for the busy person. Many of us don’t have time to go to the gym and spend a little over 1 1/2 with figuring out what to do, waiting on a line for a machine while the muscle head pumps iron, and trying to find space in a super packed class that is to easy or just to advanced for you.

35 Minute bootcamps offers over 100 classes a week. We use kettlebells, dumbells, bodybars, jump ropes, battle ropes, and many more tools that effective and safe for you to use. If you can’t do an exercise because of an injury we will adjust the workout for you. Our objective is for you to move for 35 minute safely and effectively.

We have 2 private showers that can be used to freshen up after a quick class(must bring your own shower supplies). We have a water fountain to keep you hydrated and cubicles to store your personal items.

If you have any questions please email: info@35minutebootcamps.com or call 201-850-1022


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