35 Minute Boot Camp

This is not just another class.  Different every day, our workouts consist of coordination drills, calisthenics, and body weight exercises, and employ the use of Kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and some "home-grown favorites".  One of the best things about Hoboken Bootcamps is that people of ANY fitness level can participate.  Your skill level will be taken into account and your intensity level customized on the spot, just to meet your needs and desires.  Best of all, you will get a great workout in a driven but encouraging atmosphere.  No military-style yelling at Hoboken Bootcamps!

$10 Saturday's

This class is great for the weekend warrior or just for someone that wants to add a something different to their workout without having to commit to anything.  We use different exercise tools and different techniques every single Saturday.  No two Saturday Classes are alike.


A challenging but fun practice that keeps you moving.  This is a Vinyasa type of yoga that links movement with breath.  You will be taken through Sun Salutations and other fitness-based poses while you learn to trust your body and let go of your mind.  Work on strength, endurance and flexibility while gaining a better understanding of the yoga practice.  This is a boot camp style class!All levels welcome.  Mats are available for use or bring your own.

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