From 273 lbs to Marathoner!!!!

Hi guys!!

Fried Rice.....Rebooted!!!!

Clean Eating Fried Rice

Saute your favorite vegetables in 1/2 tbsp peanut oil (you can use other oils if allergic)

Got A Sweet Tooth?? Try These Recipes!!!

I will start with my disclaimer.....I DID NOT create these recipes just tweaked ones that I found and enjoy!!!  Both can be adjusted to fit your tastes, use more/less sweetner, a different kind of sweetner, make it yours!!!  You will love it more if you make it with what you love!!!!


Chocolate Pudding (Dairy FREE)

2 super ripe avocadoes, I mean really soft!!!

1/4 cup baking cocoa (I use Hersheys unsweetened baking cocoa powder)

Motivation, Life and Skinny Jeans

              Ever wonder why it seems every time we get on a roll with our workouts life gets in the way?  This has been my life this summer, just when I get going something comes up and I lose that motivation (for me over the years there have been many sources of my demotivation injury, illness, family, I could go on) …..and let me tell you motivation is hard to refind once it wanders away… doesn’t page you at the store….you can&r

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